The unstable situation during pandemic made me decide to return to my hometown and moved back with my parents for a while. It felt weird to live with them as a grown up and lots of memories became to my mind. I started to think a lot about memories, its representation and the actual reality. 

This reflection took me to review the family albums. Suddenly, all the pictures seemed staged and idyllic to me. Where was the ordinary, the real? However, there was a picture that it actually contained that dysfunctional and certain reality that I longed for. It is the photo that opens this project and that I took on my Communion day using for the first time the camera that had just been given to me as a present. Maybe it's because of the new device that I had in my hands or a fresh gaze without contaminating what was supposed to be a family photo or because of the peculiar scene it contains, but the truth is that this photo became the engine of the project.

So I set out to make the opposite of a family album: an 'Antialbum' to capture the dysfunctional and absurd of my family environment.

© Virginia Villacislasite by Bluekea